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Big Ticket Festival 2016


Well, we have completed a fantastic weekend at Big Ticket Festival, and it was a great success! Our tent was right in the middle of radio row, and we had our flags flying out front, with the sofa and coffee table and chairs inside to the right, our prayer table next to Fred’s broadcasting table, and to the left a long line of tables for our prize wheel and guitar give away! We gave away cinch bags, sunglasses, beach balls, hand sanitizers, key chains, and of course our cherry red guitar hand signed by all the headline artist of Big Ticket and many other great performers. It was so much fun to be in the midst of all this awesome music and activity. We broadcast live from the tent at the festival and Fred did a great job of interviewing groups and talking on air. We had opportunity to speak with Drew Spanding the “Man” from BTF, and he shared of the successes of this year and some highlights. We loved having Hollyn  and Aaron Boyd from Bluetree and Neshama, and Josh Wilson come in and speak with us and sing a little, and be part of the “Sofa Series”. We had a houseful of people constantly inside for our prize wheel and our artists gatherings. The Promise FM really stood out and attracted lots of people and we are very proud of the way our staff pulled together over this 4 day event that was very exhausting and dusty and got it done and honored Jesus Christ in a big way. Thank you to our volunteers and to our families who also helped us out so much! We are already making plans for next year and we hope you enjoy our pictures. Congratulations to our Guitar Winner Pam Oulette!

Aaron from BluetreeFred and Alex from ZambiaFred and his fan clubcrowed tentcrowed tentSofa area BFT 2016Golf cart from Mega Power SportsSwitchfoot BTF 2016Guitar winner BTF 2016

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