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Food Truck Ministry at E-Free Church


The second Thursday of every month, the staff of The Promise FM volunteers their time to serve at the Food Truck Ministry of the Evangelical Free Church of Gaylord. This is a huge ministry that monthly feeds 100 to 200 families. The church buys the food and has it sent up from food banks down state, volunteers unload the food, sort the food, distribute the food into shopping carts for each family. Check people into the gym and verify their residence is in Otsego County. Help them out to their cars to load the food. There is a prayer table where the people can stop and get a cookie and juice and submit a prayer into the prayer box or pray with a volunteer there. Fred sets up the speakers and plays The Promise FM, he hands out numbers for the clients, our staff is very excited to be a part of this ministry. We work the registration table and prayer table, or we help run carts. It is a blessing to meet the residents of this county and get to know them. If you can be a part of this and help to volunteer contact Carol Scott through  the E. Free Church at 989-732-2647. If you think you could qualify for food, contact the United Way and register, you must bring a photo ID with proof of your residence in Otsego County. We know there are many great programs in our listening area to assist the needy, this one happens to be next door to us and we can work it each month easily. Please support the programs in your area financially and with volunteering, the Bible tells us to feed the hungry in Isaiah 58:7 , Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from relatives who need your help. May God Bless the hungry and may God bless the Evangelical Free Church for this great ministry.