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Primary Day is Here!


Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 is Primary Day in Michigan. Please remember to VOTE, as Christians we have a great responsibility to pray and to step up and get involved in our great government. We cannot criticize, if we are not willing to do something to bring about the change we want to happen. Many Christians think it is wrong to get involved in politics, but if we stand on the side line and let non biblical principals be hammered down our throats, and we do nothing, how do we expect there to be change. Voting is a privilege and a responsibility. Then if you have great passion and leadership for influencing people towards Godly values, then we implore you to run for your school board, your city council, your township board, your county commissioner. Yes, there will be frustrations and meetings, and time commitments, but you will be blessed and you will make a difference.

Today, educate yourselves on the people that are running for office, ask questions, and talk to others, and most of all pray for discernment in your voting. Then get out there and vote, and encourage other Christians to vote, we can not sit by the wayside, Thank You for praying for Michigan, for our country, The amazing United States of America! and for stepping up to action, This October join Franklin Graham in Lansing for Decision 2016. He will be on our very own Capital Steps to pray for the election in November, and for our Country. Bring your churches by the bus load, tell your friends and neighbors, and definitely bring your children. There will be activities all day long, Mr. Graham will speak at noon. May God Bless America and truly turn this nation back to Him! AMEN AND AMEN!!flag with solider 2

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