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God is on the Move: Fall Days of Promise


We are so blessed to be coming up to our fall gift drive, “Days of Promise” September 26th to September 30th. We will begin on Monday with the morning focused on prayer. From 6:00 am to 12:00 pm we will be manning the phones to answer calls to pray with you directly, we will have pastors and prayer warriors here to pray with you and encourage your faith. We stand on the word, that says, “if my people who are called by name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” ll Chronicles 7:13. We have so much to pray for, our nation, our state, our cities, our families, our jobs, we faithfully bring these burdens to the altar of God and lay them at His feet.

This time of year is the harvest, the time when all the crops are brought into the storehouse! Our hands have worked hard all year, we have labored together in Jesus Name. You have served in your local churches, you have worked hard in your jobs, you have served your families tirelessly, along side many like minded Christians who have done the same. We here at The Promise FM have also labored together with you, because of your support we have been able to go out all over our listening area, we began in January going to pregnancy centers and holding “Michigan’s Biggest Baby Shower” for them. It was a great joy to see people come out and support the local centers with gifts and money for them in honor of Sanctity of Life. We have served at the Food Truck in Gaylord assisting people in need to have a monthly food supplement for their family. We have have partnered with Compassion International in bringing water to people in areas where there was no water to drink. We have promoted Samaritans Purse in supplying Shoeboxes for children around the world with a gift for Christmas that changes a child’s life.Most of these children have never received a present before and the prayers and things in the box touch them and lead them to Jesus Christ. We met Alex from Zambia at Big Ticket Festival, he received a shoebox when he was a boy, and he became a christian because of the seeds planted from that. We met many of our listeners at Big Ticket and Unity Fest this summer, we have traveled to County Fairs across northern Michigan and we are at the weekly farmers market in Gaylord meeting you and learning of how The Promise FM is strengthening communities and blessing families. Our prayer works link on our website gets daily requests for prayer and our phone rings all the time with the same thing happening.

“Days of Promise” is a time for all of us to reflect on how God is MOVING thru The Promise FM, and we are overwhelmed when we look back over the events and activities we have been involved in and the people we have had contact with. Thank you all so much for being a part of our family here at The Promise FM. We ask that all of you will consider giving out of your surplus to donate and support us here. We always encourage you to support your local church first, and then to support us as the Lord leads you. We are very excited about what God is planning to do thru us and we need faithful listeners to support our ministry so we can continue the work that has been happening here. As a business we need to pay the bills, as a ministry we need to think big, as we serve a BIG GOD, who supplies all our needs. May God Bless you as we enter the harvest season, may God’s provision for you be abundant, may you be blessed with passion to honor the Lord in your work and your giving, and may The Promise FM be blessed in the same way, may our work be a glory to God, and may our giving and serving honor Jesus Christ. This is a christian radio station yes, but it is much more, we are an arm and leg of the body of Christ to REACH, RESPOND, AND REJOICE in the Good News of Jesus Christ. As we labor together, may the God of the Harvest bless you and us. Thank you!!!veterans coffee at gaylord regional airport 7-6-16Country night stage 2016Fred and his fan clubjulie-holmes-new-life-pregnancy-and-resource-ct-gaylordstaff-picture-2lafooon-012016 image 2TPFM_BlogHeader_LeeChatfieldTPFM_2016_JuneSlider_Decision2016OCClogolu-ann-graf-cadillac-pregnancy-ctfred-interviewing-deedee-at-east-tawasFB_IMG_1455071027555