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Continue to Pray


Well, the election is over, and we have seen a record number of voter turnout, and a historic upset by Donald Trump. We have seen division and judgment and corruption, and we have seen a movement of the people of the United States speaking against the establishment. It is time for healing and coming together. This great land has faced many trials, we have many things that need to be changed and healed.

Franklin Graham crossed this country rallying evangelicals to pray and to turn out to vote. We were proud to represent northern Michigan in Lansing on October 4th for Decision 2016. Thousands turned out for these rallies and to vote.

We need to commit to pray daily for this nation and for President Trump and all our leaders, we need to bow our knees before the throne of God and humbly come before the throne of Grace and ask God to forgive us and heal this land.

Do not stop, continue to pray, commit to your local church, get involved in serving and caring for others, and look beyond the immediate situations and seek God’s Will for your lives. We are called, we are chosen, we are set apart for such a time as this! We are soldiers in the army of God, and we need to commit to praying and to studying the Word of God so we will be ready to fight evil and be prepared to withstand the attacks of Satan.

We thank you for what you have done, we thank you for supporting The Promise FM, and we thank you for praying for us. We stand beside you, to change lives, impact communities, and strengthen families for Jesus Christ, We hope to be a LIFE CHANGING RADIO STATION for you.