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What could you do with 1,440 minutes?

Why become a day sponsor for The Promise FM?

For The Promise FM, 1,440 minutes could be over 300 life changing songs, dozens of incredible conversations, & countless chances for encouragement. But so much more goes on here behind the scenes. For every event we attend, every morning show we produce, and every concert we present, there is a whole team of staff, board members, volunteers, and SUPPORTERS just like you making every day happen.

What kind of things am I supporting as a Day Sponsor?


We are so looking forward to all that is ahead at The Promise FM, and some of those things include new technology, more coverage, and more access for our listeners! Whether it is a new tower or a new app, our goal is to make the LIFE CHANGING RADIO that happens here at The Promise accessible by as many people as we can.


Remember when Matt Maher came to Northern Michigan last year?? We definitely do, and we wanted to invite you to join us in creating more of those incredible experiences for even more people in our listening area. Whether it be a concert, live broadcasting from different events in our area, or just coming out to hang out with our listeners, we want to take every opportunity we can to be out in the community.


Of course, we are a radio station, and every day we strive to bring you life changing music from some of your favorite artists. It takes a team, a building, and some serious equipment to make this happen daily, but we work hard to be great stewards of all that God has provided to us (and so much of it through YOU, our supporters).

As always, if you have any questions, or want to learn more about what it means to be a day sponsor, give us a call at 800-545-8857.

YOU could use 1,440 minutes to help create Life Changing Radio…